Erica & Darrell – Dream Wedding, Created in Two Days, for a Lovely Couple

Get the tissues ready…You’re going to need them…

Last week I was tagged in a post on a wedding networking page. Josh from Pearl Event Planning, was asking for help from a variety of wedding vendors in the community to take part in a very special wedding. This was Monday night and the wedding was going to take place on a Thursday! A engaged couple, Erica and Darrell were planning on getting married at The Justice of the Peace on Thursday, so the Bride’s mother who was very sick could be present.  She was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago and was getting chemo treatments but unfortunately her mom was getting weaker and was being sent home to be more comfortable. Waterfalls….That was it. Say no more. I was in! I called up my friend Allison from Hair by Allison Floyd, and knew should would CAP_6115-684x1024love to help with this wedding! 

We really didn’t have many details but I just had a good feeling about it. I felt blessed & honored to be apart of this couple’s day. We arrived to Erica sister’s house on Thursday morning to begin makeup and hair. While doing Erica’s makeup, I could just tell she was filled with so many emotions. It was bittersweet but today was her wedding day and that was how we were going to make it! We asked her questions like, where she met her Fiance, Darrell? She was giggling, telling us they started as friends then eventually started to date. She included that Darrell proposed to her TWICE! Umm hello, hear that guys, twice!!! The second time he said “No, really, I want to marry you.” Even though we didn’t get to meet him, he sounded like a winner!! 7398521

Soon Abigail from Abigail Gingerale Photography showed up. She was the heart of this amazing idea. Erica called Abigail’s sister a few days prior to ask if she could take some pictures of them at the Justice of Peace. Well, going with what her heart told her, she decided to make this the most memorable day of their life, as it should be, and she came up with a way to make this an unforgettable day!  Abigail was so bubbly and brought so much more joy to the situation. We were there when Abigail surprised Erica. It was a moment I will never forget when she announced their was a limo picking up both Bride and Groom separately. The joy on Erica’s face was priceless. I was amazed to see all the vendors that were contributing to this family. It was incredible to see the compassion and kindness all of these vendors did for this couple and their family. We wanted it to be perfect and to free Erica’s day of any stresses. This was our donations, our giving back during a difficult time, our way of making a sad story into a fairy tale moment. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take away the sickness her mom was suffering but we could give them the best gift we knew, making them feel beautiful and loved!

1642685_origMy last one to beautify was Erica’s mom, Alysha. Big full lips, high cheeks bones, all of those gorgeous features we all strive for…my kind of girl! I overheard Erica say to Abigail that her mom never got her makeup done before. I said screw the brushes and allowed my hands to do the job. Personal touch was the way to go! I lightly applied highlighter around her high cheekbones with my fingertips, filled in those plumped lips with a pop of color and gave her some blush because they told me she could never leave the house without it.

We finished up and gave them all a big hug. They told us how grateful they were of us but really we were the grateful ones. It’s moments like this that remind me why I do what I do. To make someone feel beautiful, loved, and on top of the world, even if its just for a moment or a day. This family allowed us all to to stop and breathe for a minute and to appreciate the time you have with your loved ones. To all the vendors who donated your time and services to Erica, Darrell and their family, you are all angels.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful and memorable day. To Erica and Darrell, I wish you a lifetime of sweet love, multiple proposals and pure happiness. And to Erica’s beautiful Mom, Alysha, I admire your strength and the beautiful love you and your family share. <3 <3




The Rose Garden – Venue

Pearl Event Planning  – Event Planner

Abigail Gingerale Photography – Photographer

Underground Artistry – Makeup

Hair by Allison Floyd – Hair

Mitch the Minister – Minister

Simply Shire Videography – Videographer

Ultra Fonk Entertainment – DJ

Cat Limousine & Trolley – Limo

Quality Plus Caterers – Caterer

DDS Goodies – Desserts

Carly is Inspired – Wedding Design

Cait’s Cakes & Cupcakes – Desserts

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