What Foundation Should I Use?

All of the artists here at Underground Artistry, originally came from the makeup industry. The number one question that was always asked was “What foundation should I use?”12004149_1067062326639224_971094589533344017_n

So many questions come to mind…

FIRST: What is your skin type? Oily, Normal, Combo, Dry? Not sure? Ready to figure it out. Mid day, I want you to look in the mirror at your fabulous self and see what’s happening with your skin. Is it showing a little bit of shininess on your “T” zone? You’re combo. Does it seem oily all over your face? You’re oily. Is your skin feel tight and no moisture? You’re dry. And if none of that is happening. Well then we hate you, you have normal skin that we want!
SECOND: You figured your skin type, you future makeup artist you. NOW determine what coverage. Do you want to hide those beautiful freckles or do you want to flaunt them like you should. If you do know want to see your skin and you like that “makeup” look then you sound like you prefer a “Full Coverage” foundation. If you just want to cover a little bit of the discoloration and want to see your skin then you can go for a “Sheer Coverage” and if you want to cover some but not want to be too heavy “Medium Coverage”.


THIRD: Now it comes down what formulation you want . Do you like a POWDER or LIQUID. (Yes, there are things in between but let’s stay pretty basic right now). This is preference. What do you like on your skin? The feeling of a powder or liquid. People with oily usually like powder, people who like COVERAGE tend to use both and people who have dry are recommended for a liquid. THIS IS ALL A PREFERENCE! If you aren’t sure, go test them out at your local makeup store OR call Underground Artistry for a makeup class

Here are some of our favs!




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